About Us

FindSchoolCalendar.com is a website where we provide School Calendars of almost every schools here in United Sates. School Calendar is one of the important document for a school going student as well as for the employees of the school. Earlier, we noticed that many people find it difficult to get calendars and holiday information of a particular school or any kind of academic institution. To fulfil that requirement we designed this website. Here we update School Calendars and Holiday List in various formats such as PDFs, Word Document, images etc. We also provide printable calendars which you can take print out and further use it for quick reference in future.

Along with school calendars, we also provide US district calendars in a very easy to understand format. You can directly save these calendars in your devices and can use it for tracking important dates and holidays of your school.

One important thing we want to share with you. We are not the official website of any school. All the content published here is to be considered as information purpose only.